Pet Routine Care in Kingsland, GA

We are committed to keeping your pet healthy and detecting illnesses in their early stages.

two vet techs examining a horse
two vet techs examining a horse
Pet Routine Care

Betz Veterinary Services is pleased to provide a wellness program for pets of all ages. Early detection is the most effective way to keep disease at bay. We have X-ray machines and bloodwork machines with cutting-edge technology. Our preventative medicine protocol is excellent, and we stock a wide range of medications.

A wellness program that begins early in a pet’s life is more likely to be successful. Our doctors have designed a wellness program for puppies and kittens that includes vaccines, nutritional needs, parasite treatment, and prevention. Because of the abundance of mosquitos in the area, heartworm prevention is an essential part of every visit. The importance of baseline bloodwork, as well as spaying and neutering, is discussed. A routine visit includes instruction on dental care, grooming, proper growth rates, and the best foods available.

Betz Veterinary Services has a plan in place to keep your maturing pets healthy. Vaccination protocols are explained, and they are critical to keeping your pet healthy. Bloodwork is useful as your pet grows because it can be compared to the baseline bloodwork established when he or she was a puppy or kitten. We monitor your pet’s weight routinely to prevent obesity which causes a myriad of problems such as diabetes and joint disease. Your pet’s teeth are evaluated with every visit.